$1 Decor: Turn dollar store finds into home furnishings

January 23, 2018

With $25 provided by The Post-Standard, interior designer Lisa A. Ryan, owner and president of Smart Move Design in Liverpool, and her assistant, Rebecca Plank, combed two local dollar stores looking for items that could be turned into home decor.

“As home stagers we are always on the lookout for inexpensive decor,” Ryan said. “Having a $25 budget in this challenge showed us how far that $25 could go and challenged us to look at the different and creative ways we could use items. While we want inexpensive decor, we don’t want it to look cheap.”

Some items were rejected during the shopping trip. Sticks of bamboo were rejected as “not worth the $1. You can pick up sticks for free outside and paint them,” Ryan said.

But among their projects, the two turned a silver and black shower curtain into a table runner and curtains and a basket into a lamp.

“The options are endless,” Ryan said. ” Let’s play a little bit.”

Ryan gave a few points to consider for anyone looking to do some dollar store decorating:

“Group like items together, they make more of an impact. The lights we made out of the storage box or waste paper basket would look great if you had three of them hanging at different heights in a corner. It’s also a good way to bring light to a space that doesn’t have an electrical outlet.

“You could make larger wall art out of the black trays we used by placing six or nine together. Try different patterned paper or mirrors for the inserts.

“Creating candle holders at different heights then grouping at least three together is more visually appealing.

“Also, we used a sewing machine to make window treatments, cloth napkins, and the table runner out of the shower curtain but you could easily use iron on fabric tape if sewing isn’t your strength.”


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